Infant Center - Preschool -  Kindergarten  -  After-School Care


As a preschool and Kindergarten, Adventureland is here to provide a quality age-appropriate education in a positive atmosphere that is safe, loving and supportive for your child.


As a daycare facility, Adventureland is here to help you feel secure that your child is well taken care of during those hours that you are not able to be with them.


Discovering and developing your child's potential is our priority.


- Prepare children for the future

- Offer age-appropriate curriculum

- Teach responsibility

- Encourage Prayer and Godly values

- Nurture creativity

- Thoughtfully develop self-discipline & self respect

- Individualize instruction

- Acknowledge multi-cultural heritage

- Love unconditionally



Our classrooms are designed to be a fun and friendly place for kids. Centers and "hands on" activities encourage them to participate in and enjoy the learning experience. Each room is well equipped with child-sized furniture, learning aids, and meet our high standards for safety.